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Marco Polo Cycling Team – Marco Polo Cycling Team 2012 – first Ethiopian Pro Team

Marco Polo Cycling Team – Marco Polo Cycling Team 2012 – first Ethiopian Pro Team.

This article talks about the first Cycling team to be registered out of Ethiopia. With their rich heritage in long distance running it can only be a matter of time before Ethiopia starts to produce top cyclists. Marco Polo Cycling who for many years have had a team based in China have now changed their focus to this country as they hope to spread the cycling world and find new talent.

Donckers Koffie will be the new title sponsor of the Marco Polo Cycling Team in 2012, meaning the team will be able to race a full season of a pro-level program in Europe, with additional races in Asia and Africa.

The Marco Polo Cycling Team in Europe with sports director Gilbert de Weerdt and the Ethiopian (and Eritrean) cyclists.
(photo: www.marcopolocycling.com)

Marco Polo Squad:

ABEBE Alem Grmay ETH 15.11.1990
ABELLO SANCHEZ Ruben ESP 19.04.1976
ABRAHAM Daniel ERI 11.02.1985
BARTLETT Chris GBR 12.08.1986
BEKELE Binyam Fitsum ETH 18.09.1987
DE WEERDT Sven BEL 29.03.1978
GEBRESILASSIE Estifanos Kebede ETH 18.02.1988
GIDAY Kbrom Hailay ETH 19.02.1989
GREEN Matt GBR 02.10.1988
GREENE Edward RSA 26.11.1990
KINFE Yirga Woidemariam ETH 19.02.1988
KUYCKX Jan BEL 20.05.1979
MACIC Christopher NZL 01.08.1988
PRONK Matheus NED 01.07.1974
SHIFERAW Solomon Bitew ETH 13.07.1987
VAN MECHELEN Matthias BEL 23.02.1988