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PDC North American Pro Tour

After years of the PDC trying to get darts to take off in North America it seemed that they had given up when no events were released on the 2012 calendar. However PDC darts in North America does not seem to be over.

The PDC will launch a North American Pro Tour (NAPT) that is designed to grow each year and sustain itself after the first 3 years. Each NAPT event will be held over a weekend with the Pro Event being held on the Sunday. An associated tournament or warm-up event would precede the Pro Event on the Friday and Saturday.

The program is designed to sustain itself after the first three years meaning that there would be at least 8 Pro Events in 2015 and subsequent years. Success of the program will mean additional growth in year 4 (2015) in terms of increased prize money per event and/or an increase in the number of Pro Events throughout North America in 2015.

The following details outline the PDC NAPT program for the first three years. At the present time, one of the 3 Pro Events to be held in 2012 has been confirmed, the London Ontario NAPT Pro Event to be held on Sunday, August 26, 2012 at the Hilton London Ontario. The 2 additional Pro Events will be announced as soon as they are confirmed and will be posted on the Bull’s-Eye News website: bullseyenews.com

1. The PDC NA Pro Tour would be open only to North American residents.

2. Each Pro Event in the PDC North America Pro Tour would consist of a guaranteed $10,000
singles event with the PDC Players Championship format.

1st 2nd T-4 T-8 T-16 T-32
$2,000 $1,600 $800 $400 $200 $100

Format: Best of 11 legs of 501 throughout.

• 3 PDC NAPT events in 2012
• 5 PDC NAPT events in 2013
• 8 PDC NAPT events in 2014

The three events for this year are now confirmed

July 20-22 NAPT Event #1 & The Chicago Open (Chicago)

Aug 24-26 NAPT Event #2 & The London Open (Ontario)

Sept 7-9 NAPT Event #3 & The Atlantic City Open (New Jersey)

Hopefully they will be well attended, and we can see some new stars from North America. There are secondary events on Fridays and Saturdays, with the main NAPT events on Sundays. The Canadian U21 event is still going ahead when the tour ventures to Ontario, only open to Canadians. Unfortunately no U21 qualifier for USA yet.