Major Development for Scandinavian Darts!!!!

The Scandinavian Darts Corporation (SDC) has now formed in co-operation with authorities in Denmark, Finland, Sweden, as well as UNICORN Products and Precision Sports Management.

The current qualifiers for Scandinavain countries has now been scrapped!!

The PDC are putting in 40,000 euros over 4 weekends in which two events will be hosted (8 in total)
The Calender:
02-03. June Denmark
August Finland
September Sweden
October Denmark

Each event will count towards an OOM, in which seeding for each event will be used, (the initial event will be seeded based on PDC rankings). At the end of the season the prizes for those in the OOM are:

The Winner will have direct entry into 1 round by Ladbrokes.Com World Darts Championship + Tour Card for 2013-14
Runner Up Entry into the first round by Ladbrokes. Com World Darts Championship + Free entry to Q-school  2013
3rd, 4th and 5th Free entry to Q-school 2013

The player who lies 1st at the end of August, will represent his country and SDC at the European Championships in Germany 2012.

Prize money at each SDC event per day:

Winner : 1,100 EURO
Runner Up : 600 EURO
Semi-finalists : 300 EURO
Quarter-finalists : 200 EURO
9-16 : 125 EURO
17-32 : 50 EURO
Total prize money per day : 5,000 EURO
Total prize amount for all 8 events : 40,000 EURO

In the next 24 months they hope to expand the prize fund and hae at least one event on tv.

UNICORN Products sponsors the tournament lanes for all 3 countries.

Both UNICORN Products and Precision Sports Management are represented by 1 person each in SDC’s board of directors and its composition is as follow:
Chairman Michael Frydendahl DDL Denmark
Chief Executive Officer Danny Cox PSM England
Event Director Jann Hoffmann DDL Denmark
Board member Heli Sorsa PDF Finland
Board member Richard Hagel PDS Sweden
Board member Edward Lowy Unicorn Products-England

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